As a creative brand and project consultant, owner/operator of VIZIA llc., Dubravka Bencic specialises in bringing her clients ideas FROM VISION TO FRUITION. Her experience in the creative industry over the past 20 years encompases a wide range of individual and collaborative projects for a diverse set of clients and industries. Whether she’s arranging the floorplan and creating ambiance at the event space, working on development of educational programs, designing brand and promotional materials, launching social media campaigns, brainstorming with clients on-how-to & how-not-to start/spruce up their own business, forming and leading specialized collaborative teams, performing original music co-composition, constructing contractual agreements and terms of negotiation, networking and connecting professionals… Dubravka takes great joy in helping others reach their goals!

As a modern day polymath with a unique set of cross-disciplinary skills and creative problem solving abilities, Dubravka delves deep into research in order to connect the seemingly unrelated for the creation of the next-needed. Her quick-witted and energetic approach, coupled with originality and authenticity give a jolt of inspiration and forward movement to her engagements. The success of her projects is imbued by resourcefulness and time management skills, resulting in a high sense of completion.

I look forward to working with you!